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When You’re Hot You’re Hot

Hi Everyone!

Remember the old, old saying "When you're hot you're hot . . .When you're not you're not"?

Well, my brother Bubba says,

It's HOT!!!

St George, without dispute, is very hot right now!

We can either look at it as the "Dog days of Summer", OR the "Prelude to Fall"!

Personally, I prefer to look at this time as the prelude to fall!  I know that many of you are smirking at this, but it's true!   Fall brings us the "Snowbirds",  the "St. George Marathon"  and the  "Huntsman World Senior Games".  In other words, thousands of people visiting the greater St. George area, many of whom will be looking to purchase homes.

If you are looking to sell a property, now is the time to be getting ready!

As all of you know, regardless of the season, my Mom is  a  full time, dedicated, greater St. George Realtor.  She is here to serve you; as well as those that you know who need assistance with Real Estate.  AND…

She would like to develop a new strategy to sell your home.

So, call her today and she'll provide you with a "Comparative Market Analysis" of your property.

OH! and Bubba?


He spends his Dog Days of Summer sleeping next to the air conditioning floor vents!

Have some fun today, I am!



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